Acorn RapidFire 90 Trap

The Acorn RapidFire 90 line of traps offers a compact and lightweight solution for expert and casual shooters alike. Each element of the new design clay trap has been refined through innovation and ingenuity to provide a machine whose performance surpasses that of all other traps in this price range. The easily adjustable base can vary the clay target height from a low grass cutter to high teal.

Top Features

  • Fully Modular upgrade system compatible
  • One-person operation with foot release pedal included as standard
  • Fast cycling (less than one second) for an authentic following pair or three in a row for auto shotguns.
  • Tool-Free adjustment to feed Standard and Midi clays as standard
  • Standard Range up to 65m
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  • Can be operated alone using the hands-free foot release
  • Adjustable Hopper to feed different clays (No tools needed)
  • Extremely portable: Unit weight of only 15Kg (Unladen). Can be carried and placed with one arm.
  • Very Fast cycling for an authentic following pair.
  • One way clutch for smooth action and power economy giving a three-quarter cocking system.
  • Tool-free inclination adjustment to set the trajectory
  • Challenging range up to 65 metres
  • Convenient session lengths - Up to 90 targets with additional Hopper Extension
  • Steel construction: Electro-plated and painted against corrosion
  • Reliable direct-drive system
  • Radio Release and Acoustic Release compatible
  • Power - 12 Volt DC
  • Safety guards supplied as standard
  • Unique Modular Upgrade System compatible
  • Warranty - 12 month full warranty included with 3 years parts

The RapidFire 90 was designed specifically around the concept of a multipurpose, cost-effective clay target thrower which is equally viable as a personal or coaching trap. The result is a truly versatile and practical piece of equipment, which, unlike other traps in this price range, does not compromise on performance. This is achieved despite being the most compact and easily portable of any equivalently priced trap available! We at Acorn often find that the affordable ranges offered by other manufacturers are sub-par in terms of performance and durability, and we embarked on a mission to break this norm by developing a decent yet affordable machine, one that we would personally want ourselves and be proud to put our name on. The elegant engineering means the main spring is of the same power as that used on our main carousel model, giving the same awesome power that you would expect from an Acorn trap, but with much greater efficiency.

Each element of the machine was overhauled in our ground-up redesign of the automatic clay trap, with the resulting device far exceeding even our most optimistic expectations; a true triumph of British engineering!

Dubbed the “RapidFire” due to its exceptionally rapid cycle rate; a spectacular five clays can be airborne at the same time, with the trap being easily carried under one arm and effortlessly placed and operated hands-free using the included foot-release switch.

We’ve also developed a range of optional extras for the RapidFire series to give the choice of a progressively increasing challenge, such as the I-Bar Turner Base which adds powered dual-axis variation (DTL), the RapidFire Radio Control System with custom pre-programmed release patterns. An integrated trolley is also available.

These upgrades effectively turn the RapidFire90 into a clay pigeon trap which has the functionality and performance of our high-end models, but at a fraction of the cost, while being infinitely more practical.

With all these benefits combined with other handy features like the tool-free quick-release hopper - the RapidFire90 is simply the obvious choice for the discerning shooter or club owner who understands value and quality. All Acorn traps are entirely designed and manufactured in the UK and come with 12 month full warranty included with 3 years parts.


With safety being top priority with all our clay pigeon traps, each machine is supplied with safety guards and a remote on/off disarm switch. All Acorn Clay Pigeon Traps comply with RoHS, WEEE Directive and CE regulation for safe use and environmental protection.


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