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RapidFire 90
Acorn Rapidfire 90 Clay Trap Image
RapidFire 90
The most cost-effective clay trap on the market. Adjustable hopper can feed different clays. Extremely portable. Fast cycling.
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AutoClay 320
Acorn AutoClay 320 Clay Trap Image
AutoClay 320

Our flagship model, this versatile automatic clay trap can be configured to support all shooting disciplines. Features Acorn’s unique left or right handed launch setups.

RapidFire 90 with I Bar Turner

Simulated Game Trailer

Our Simulated Game Systems encompass the best of Acorn technology to bring you the ultimate shooting experience. Available systems include the road worthy dedicated Game Trailer, its off-road counterpart, our unique Quad Train, and our Duplex Base dual trap stationary platform. Read more here...

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rapidfire 90 clay launch image
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