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Simulated Game Radio Controller Trap Shuffle

The Trap Shuffle is intended for use with Acorn Simulated Game Systems. Ideal for Sportrap, Compak and layouts where one trapper oversees several traps. Any number of birds may be thrown simultaneously


  • Up to four receivers
  • Rugged handheld remote control - to control ALL traps
  • Individual control
  • Random Flush Release from multiple traps - create a magnificent simulated bird release
  • Select number of clays fired from 1 to 100 clays
  • Select time delay between clays fired from 2 to 7 seconds
  • Speed knob for easy adjustment in real time
  • Extra Start and Stop buttons on transmitter to start the flush sequence enabling a new flush sequence with one press
  • Bleeper to mark end of sequence
  • Powerful quality long range radio - covers all terrains
  • Simple set up

Trap Shuffle Video Tutorial

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