Radio Control Card Transmitter

Radio Control Card Transmitter

The Radio Control Card Transmitter is the upgraded controller component to the RapidFire radio control system.

It replaces the simple key fob controller which comes as standard. Please note that the base radio control system is required in order for this controller to work.

This compact unit gives users the ability to engage preprogrammed release patterns, either single or fast following pairs of targets, with or without trajectory variation.



• Single Instant Fire - Fires a clay instantly

• Single Delayed Fire - Fires a clay after a 3 second delay

• Instant Fire + Turn - Fires clay instantly, then randomly varies trajectory for next shot.

• Delayed Fire + Turn - Fires clay after 3 seconds and randomly varies trajectory.


• Double Instant Fire - Fires 2 clays in quick succession.

• Double Delayed Fire - Fires 2 clays in quick succession after a 3 second delay

• Double Instant Fire + Turn - Fires 2 clays in quick succession with random trajectory variation.

• Double Delayed Fire + Turn - Fires 2 clays after a 3 second delay with random trajectory variation.


Fire - Launches Clay
Inch - Turns while button is held

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