Simulated Game - Quad Train


The Acorn Quad Train comprises three oscillating AutoClay 320's mounted on our famous heavy-duty cross country trailers. These can be towed with any quad, tractor or lawnmower with a standard 50mm tow ball.

The trailers are designed to be daisy-chained together to make deploying them on the clay shooting range much easier. This setup also gives you the ability to arrange the launchers in an infinite amount of configurations, whether clustered, converging, diverging, or crossing - your imagination is your only limit.

The package includes the Flush 3 Simulated Game radio release system with speed control, enabling individual or up to 4 shooters to have a competitive, uniform (and therefore fair) clay shooting challenge.

Your choice of carousel sizes and inserts give you the freedom to use standard, midi, or any combination of either clay types.
The package includes 3 large 85Ah Batteries.

If you have any special requirements or specifications for either the control system or extra modular upgrades such as vertical lift controls, please contact us for a free quote.

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